Fulkoli Bread & Biscuits Ind. Ltd.

Fulkoli Bread & Biscuit Ind. Ltd. is a renowned food production & food consumer’s organization. The final goal of the company is the full satisfaction of the consumers & customers with their quality food production & reliable marketing systems. Fulkoli Bread & Biscuit Ind. Ltd. products various kinds of biscuits, chanachure, cakes, noodles, various kind of semai, bread and many other readymade foods items. The attractive service, amicable marketing and reliable price have won the customer’s satisfaction. This is expanding all over the country. We keep all the act and regulation of I.S.O& BSTI. It is going international recognition within short time.

Fulkoli Food Products Ltd.

‘Fulkoli brand’ created from Fulkoli Food Products Ltd. It is mother concern of the Fulkoli group. Fulkoli Food Product Ltd products readymade fast food items, gallery-biscuits, sweets, snacks, semai & various kinds of sweeten foods. All kinds of readymade foods sales & marketing to the consumers and customers by its exclusive show-room. Its business sectors and regional promotion is expanding day by day.

Fulkoli Properties Ltd.

Fulkoli Properties is an attractive name in properties sector building to create a new dimension. They have built attractive building with all kinds of opportunities as: gas, electricity, safety and communication. It has got many plans to do develop their property sectors. This organization beliefs that residential problem can be solved with perfect solution in the developing countries.

Fulkoli Sweets Ltd.

In the capital city, Dhaka, the Fulkoli Sweets Ltd. is setting up an industry of the Fulkoli group with hygienic food production within a short time. It will served gallery biscuits, sweets, snacks noodles, semai and other food items. In the coming time, the customer’s expectations will be fulfill in the Dhaka areas.

Fulkoli & Co.Ltd.

All of the food items and food consumers are more growing everywhere with the best qualities. The customer’s demands and expectation must be filling up with our belief. Company’s readymade goods as biscuits, snacks, various cakes, sweets, noodles, semai, breads and all kinds of food products are expanding very fast. For this purpose, we should hold our goodwill, spirit and marketing level. In this view, we set up Fulkoli And Co. It can provide all kinds of decision to go ahead the business all time. It can compromise all the plans and opportunities. It has a goal to get final achievements.

Fulkoli Automobiles Ltd.

Fulkoli Automobiles run the latest and modern vehicles. It imports the new brand car, reconditioning car, bus & vehicles technology. It also one kind of supplier of importing motor-vehicles. At a time, Fulkoli Automobiles is increasing its business day by day and blooms its goodwill. It always wants the latest innovation in the motor- communication and automobile sectors.

Shaheen Associates

The main primary business of the founder of Fulkoli- brand was export-import business named Shaheen Associates. Basically, it is export import merchandising as a general merchant organization. It serves the best service to the clients & customers. From the very beginning it keeps the good will of business.

Shaheen Food Product ltd.

Shaheen Food Products Ltd is growing ideal food production company. This is congregating with all hygienic quality.

Shaheen Poultry & Dairy Farm.

Shaheen Poultry& Dairy Farm produces chicken, eggs, meat& milk in the own farm. It is situated in the south part of the hilly area. It has many achievements in the hygienic egg, beef and chicken production. It is expanding within update. We belief that this farm will fill the public demands of nutrition. There is a better environment to give the production.

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