Fulkoli Bread & Biscuits Ind. Ltd. has a great mission in front of opening door by which we are acting in fundamental globalization all over the world. In the global village, time to time, generation by generation. We have a confidence & we have a great responsibility for our customers. We always round up before our mission. We are going operation to fit against worldly competitive marketing policy. We try to give finishing such kind of serial competitive development for the better production for the better sales. We emphasis to the followings:

  • - Highly qualified raw materials.
  • - BSTI Subsequently ISO: standard food safety managing system in outdoor and indoor.
  • - Produce healthy sound food by latest technology with skilled workers.
  • - standard quality and quantity uses in delivery and marketing level
  • - Local economy and remittance add by reducing unemployment problems.
  • - Social sensibilities and welfare gives to the society.
  • - Creates an upgraded innovative on food production in the Bangladesh.
  • - Teaches self dependent in food sector.
  • - All classes of persons get quality food by cheap rate and easy way.

In this way, our mission will be fulfilled when our brand will reach to the every door to door as recognized quality-brand food production organization. All kinds of men of all kinds of areas will get our services. The customers, dealers, and consumers are our spirit and we are their helpers. This is our achievement. We happy, if our customers be happy.