Md Jamal Uddin Rashel,

Asst. General Manager (Sales & Marketing)

Fulkoli Bread & Biscuit Ind. Ltd., a follower of that always tries to produce quality food products to spread marketing broadcast. There are a proper numbers of efficient and specialists marketing teams for serving the consumable goods to reach door to door and peer to peer by the marketing network and sales promotor. From the inception, a lot of high- profiled officials search the experienced pure channel members as distributors and all the marketing developers always able to adapt the updated technique to go ahead and reach the  expected goods to the expected customers and consumers. The consumer’s need, demands, expectations, high-competitive company-policy, point to point sideway and prompting marketing shares are analyzed all time to take updated strategic company-consessus. Our impulse, elegance, diversity and philanthropy will have reached on the vertex of goodwill in at home and foreign market with our standard products that make us expected. We are ready to serve all and we expect all kinds of advices from every person. We are going to ahead with your co-operation.