iqbal sirMR. IQBAL UDDIN,


We who are the directors of the company are very proud of being partners of Fulkoli Bread & Biscuits Ind. Ltd.

It is well known to all that Fulkoli Bread& Biscuits Ind. Ltd has surely become a public and worldwide readymade food items brand in the contemporary present time. This goodwill is not built in a day. From the very beginning of our industrial history, we have the aim of quality-products for marketing and sales in the best way in local and broadside all over the world. We always want to serve quality food to mark the demand of people. Finally, we have got these results. Now, in this way, we have a great inception for the consumers, dealers, clients and customers by our products. Our ultimate realization is that to give good products, for good health makes good market. We think that food production should have well out looking in the best competition. We are able to recognize the unhealthy food. By the grace of Allah, we have won the confidences of all kinds of men and are going ahead. We always maintain ISOquality-products. We think that we are able to open all our legal procedures. We are proud to do it.



Assalamu Alaikum. Fulkoli Bread& biscuits Industries Ltd. is a well known food production & quality-food consumers organization. From first to last, Fulkoli has been stretching its smell, & living spirit to the consumers & public hearts. After all, this spirit has been scattering all over the country and everywhere. It is also going to lead in the foreign countries with well business system. I think that, this highest achievement is possible for best quality, better packaging, pure raw materials, scientific skillful production, latest technology using, skillful and well trained marketing channel, moreover, skillful management and consumers’ love. For this I am so proud, so lucky what I think now, to be an active member of Fulkoli family. At the same time, I wish thanks to the Creator for my best luck. I’m proud for all your gratitude. Fulkoli Bread & Biscuit Ind. Ltd. is going up with highly competitive way in the modern era. Automated machine is connected in producing our products to get more progressive and efficient outcome for your better way. Our Quality Controller ensures safety and hygienic measurement with their scientific research. Totally, we have no compromise to keep our hygienic food management. So there is no way to do any kinds of food adulteration. We are strong to do it. We maintain all kinds of public demands and public senses. It is our commitment, it is our business. We want to decorate our business with honesty. So we want to strictly declare that we stay in our own way, we stay in our commitment with our best products. In the coming future, In Sha Allah we’ll be the best food production company in the country and we’ll serve the best.