Al-Haj Md. Shah Alam, the founder of Fulkoli Brand was born in a famous family in Shatkania in Chittagong district.

He is a strong minded businessman. This long active man is very honest from his childhood.

His primary business oriented with export-import business. In this sector, he got a lot of names, inspirations & goodwill to go to success.

After that, he was able to touch his other business.

He established Fulkoli Food Products Ltd in 2002. In this enterprise, he got movement to create all others industries like Fulkoli Bread & Biscuits Industries Ltd, Fulkoli & Co., Fulkoli Sweets Ltd etc.

Now, Fulkoli is one of the popular brands in food production organizations in the country.

His clear knowledge, wisdom, religious virtue & honesty made him such kind of established business man.

He has a lot of achievements in human & religious life, donation like school, madrasa, masque & building houses for poor people in his locality.

His philosophy is business for life and life for human. He had to fight to reach the successful vertex of his life.

Now, his Fulkoli Brand is expanding in foreign countries by his strong honestly trial. After all, he is a philanthropy & active man for mankind & pure business.